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Wie man sich richtig vor dem Fußball/Sport aufwärmt und Verletzung vermeidet – Warm Up Tutorial

6 Übungen, die ihr vorm Fußball, Basketball & anderen Sportarten machen solltet, um Verletzungen zu vermeiden & Leistung zu steigern. 6 Warm Up Exercises you should do before playing soccer…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Warm up - Quick feet

Soccer warm-up with & without the ball Session: Wolverhampton Casuals U16’s (UK)

25 Responses to Wie man sich richtig vor dem Fußball/Sport aufwärmt und Verletzung vermeidet – Warm Up Tutorial

  1. Kreisliga-Legenden says:

    Schönes Thema, Jungs! Nicht viel Neues für mich – aber es gibt genügend
    Fußballer, die das Warm-up und Stretching vernachlässigen! Top!

  2. sk md kamruzzaman Ponir says:

    As expert, I believe Spovelax Training Program can be good way to improve
    your football skills. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it can work for
    you too. 

  3. StrongandFlexTV says:

    Yeah here it is: Freekickerz featuring StrongandFlexTV first strike!

  4. Abdullah Shabir says:

    Thx for the tutorial. Gonna try this 1 of the days

  5. jojorools says:

    dudeee that guys is on roids for sure

  6. Allround Ard. says:

    ain’t nobody got time for that ! 

  7. Revu P says:

    Anyone tried the Spovelax Training Program (do a google search)? We have
    heard many awesome things about this popular training course. 

  8. freekickerz says:
  9. KimFootball - FreeKicks, Skills, Reviews & More says:

    Great Warm up i m gonna do that in about 10min :D i have a football match

  10. Mohammed Masloom says:

    Wow, it’s really helpful. Thanx

  11. Alexander Atanasov says:

    konzi is like iniesta :D 

  12. youfes joseph says:


  13. kajtolini kajtolinii says:

    What the heck ? First time disliking frck vid

  14. Konstantin Sozonov says:

    fuck warmup. i’m cool without it

  15. kandy hoàng linh says:


  16. almirpsjr says:

    Could you show 3 groups of warm-up exercises conducted by the national
    soccer team of Germany before the games of the World Cup in Brazil?
    Thank you very much!

  17. eihcirwhalen says:

    Probably very good exercises but you’d get down right abused for doing any
    of these in public. 

  18. Patrick Charles says:

    is he gay

  19. Lwazi Mathope says:

    its really helpful.

  20. gepard zockt says:

    Jetzt hilft es mir nichts mehr muskelfaserriss:(

  21. MrRoastpiggy says:

    Under 301

  22. Hector Gutierrez says:

    why is one of the guys wearing American Football cleats?

  23. Ideal Uzair says:

    Justin Bieber memphis right ? Hahhahaha

  24. Blu3tail says:

    Thank You Very Much. I Like Your Vids

  25. Snippsku says:

    Really good to know
    Gj Konzi

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