The Best Soccer Dribbling Drill

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The Best Soccer Dribbling Drill

Soccer Dribbling Drill

This soccer dribbling drill is far better than dribbling around cones. This simple drill will teach players to:

  1. look up while dribbling and see space
  2. decide where they need to go to avoid collision with other players
  3. have good execution to ensure they maintain close control


  1. 10 x 10 square
  2. equal number of players on each side,number each side from 1 thru 4
  3. each player has a ball

Basic Soccer Dribbling Drill and Progressions

  1. Coach calls out a number (1-4) and players from that side dribble across the square and perform a turn and return to where they started from.
  2. Progress to have more than one side dribbling across the square at the same time, to cause more chaos and make players look up, be aware of space etc
  3. Have a race where each side starts at the same time and does 1,2 or 3 circuits (a circuit being dribble across the square and back again). Ensure that players start with a stationary ball and finish facing inwards with their foot on the ball

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