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Soccer Drills ? More Than Running

Soccer Drills ? More Than Running

When it comes to training for the beautiful game of soccer, you have to do more than just run on a treadmill. Many players assume that the best players in the world just move forward with soccer drills that feature running, instead of focusing on dexterity, weight lifting and much more. If you’re looking to train and get better at the game, there are several things that you’ll have to do to get better and become far better than the rest. You’ll have to take into account several things, and try your hand at a few exercises that will have you focusing on a variety of things.

First and foremost, you’ll have to consider training in a whole new way. Think of soccer drills as more than just trying to build on the basics, and focus on advance moves. This is especially true if you’re a center. You’ll want to make sure that you’re highlighting your strengths and weakness alike. Consider the following quick drills to run.

Jumping – Jumping might sound rudimentary, but it will help you in game, when you see a player diving for your legs. Make sure that you practice this often, as it will not only coach your balance, it will help you move forward with relative ease. You simply go forward jumping with feet together for around 40 yards. Do this for quite some time until it becomes second nature. You wan to have a good leap, not necessarily a big vertical, but rather a leap forward, because at times you might have to overcome slides and much more in game.
Dribbling – Moving forward with the ball is not going to be easy in the advance methodologies that are required to gain the skills necessary to become a champion. Take the ball and move it forward, then run forward but do not kick the ball too hard. After you’ve moved ahead some, make sure that you alternate legs and feet, and then pick the ball up and leap forward as if you are jumping a small hurdle. Set up a cone if need be to get over well. You want to be able to dribble and jump on a moments notice. Do this for no less than one hundred yards and you’ll start to gain strength in your movements.
Defending – For goalies and defenders, the best way to train is to have a second player come in and start kicking soccer balls at you. Ask them to finesse it a lot, and let them curve the ball, change up speed, misdirection and much more. Make sure that you start to notice patterns in the way a person hits, and you’ll start to learn what to do to defend. Defense is crucial to a game, and without defending shots on goal, you won’t be able to move far in any major competitive play.

The above 3 things will help anyone looking for soccer drills to move ahead of the competition. Make sure that training is done six days a week, and a rest is done on the seventh.

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