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Shooting drill

Become the super striker with these shooting drills courtesy of the Reading FC Academy.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Scoring goals in soccer is not just about shooting. Learn the soccer shooting drills it takes to improve your shots on goal and your team’s chances to win. -…
Video Rating: 5 / 5

26 Responses to Shooting drill

  1. Jacoby Phoenix says:

    Gylfi Sigurdsson, Jem Karacan, Alex Pearce, Simon Church, Ben Hamer, James
    Henry are the ones I can name.

  2. metalblade000 says:

    paaa el moreno es un cable pelado!

  3. tomwantshelp says:

    James Henry, Ben Hamer…

  4. ACarrotSack says:

    That goalkeeper was shit.

  5. Diana Apivala says:

    cool thx!!

  6. SuperNitzi says:

    Wikipedia quote: “Torres got the new season underway with a Man of the
    Match performance away against Stoke City, the match ended 0-0.” :D

  7. vvgzc1lb says:

    These exercises do not make sense. The situations they create here will
    never occur in a match. You will never get much time to shoot when the ball
    is put back from the goal line. I can hardly imagine that the referee’s
    okay if you get the ball in your hands up to do a dropkick

  8. EminemParadox says:

    @ACarrotSack They’re taking volley shots from the pk?

  9. Soccer Mad says:

    this is a good drill tutorial

  10. Bruno Clarke says:

    Its actually Football at least know what your teaching

  11. zacattack1345 says:

    @vvgzc1lb Your kidding right? The focus is on the technique. You will have
    situations in a game where a ball is at the top of the 18 where you have to
    half or full volley it at goal. No, of course you aren’t dropping it with
    your hands in a game.

  12. Bruno Clarke says:

    Quite funny the way that this guy from Reading thinks he can teach us
    aren’t they getting relegated?

  13. Will Macneil says:

    Lol…. shooting close enough to the net?

  14. henkys4life says:

    haha penalty distance

  15. vvgzc1lb says:

    @zacattack1345 They should do a drill where someone else gives a cross
    before the other guy shoots. This exercise is to easy because you can make
    it easy for yourself with giving the ball the right speed and hight. It’s a
    retarded excercise

  16. vvgzc1lb says:

    This team does not look to a bunch of noobs to me, so this excercise is way
    to easy for them. I can imagine doing this excercise with 8-10 year old
    boys though.

  17. clifford silungwe says:

    i like it

  18. lLGDlNutz says:

    This field is dusty.

  19. zacattack1345 says:

    @vvgzc1lb I believe the focus here is on perfecting technique, not about
    creating a game experience. Usually you start with really basic drills like
    this that focus on one thing or the technique and make them progressive by
    eventually adding parts to the drill eventually making them more “game

  20. AgsElysian says:

    good drill -.=P

  21. Josh Durano says:

    Have a longer line bro.

  22. wingchunray says:

    used this today i like it

  23. Jon Kelley says:

    These are some big boys….they need to back up for a drill like this. I
    feel sorry for the keeper.

  24. walmartmonkey1 says:

    keeper is bad

  25. Top Soccer Drills says:


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