Soccer Secrets – Ball Mastery Drill

Easy to set up, this drill has numerous variations and progressions



SetupA 12- by 12- yard area.Four groups of up to four players positioned as shown.The first player in each group has a ball.


The players with a ball dribble to the center of the square cutting the ball tightly across their bodies with the inside and outside of the same foot.
At the center they cut the ball to their right, pass to the first player in the next group and sprint to join the end of that group.
When the player has returned to the original starting spot, move on to the next ball mastery movement (see video below)

Ensure players use both feet where appropriate
Any of the Ball Mastery moves listed below, and shown in the video below can be used.
Ensure communication between players and eye contact between passer and receiver
The receiver should toe tap the ball between his feet until all players are ready to start or the coach signals the next players to start.

Awareness Tips

  • To get players to keep their heads up, the coach stands in the middle with 3 different colored cones in his hand.
  • The coach holds up one cone that players must identify and call out the color of the cone being held up.
  • To make harder, the coach can move around the square so that players need to look where the coach is.

Ball Mastery Moves to Perform
The video from West Pines FC shows variations of moves that players can do whilst moving forwards to the center of the square.

You can easily do these at home too!

Click on the video to play it

Ball Mastery is the foundation of the Coerver Coaching Method, considered the #1 Soccer Coaching Method in the World.

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