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Soccer Training – Passing Drills

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Basketball Coaching – Passing drills

Basketball Coaching – Passing drills

If you have several good shooters on your team, that’s certainly good news. The bad news, though, is that if their teammates can’t deliver the ball to them when they’re open, your number of scoring chances will plummet. The following drills work to sharpen those all-important passing skills and put some sizzle in your team’s “offensive” play.

Pressure passes

Players who can spot open teammates and deliver accurate passes, all while being pestered by aggressive defenders, make playing defense difficult for your opposition. The pressure passes drill helps your players stay cool under pressure and deliver accurate passes to teammates on the move.

What you need: Groups of three players. One ball for each group.

How it works: Break your team into groups of three, make two of them offensive players and one a defensive player, and move to one end of the court. One of the offensive players begins in the corner along the baseline and holds the ball. His offensive partner begins above the key (at the top of the free-throw circle), with the defensive player between him and the basket.

1. On your whistle, the player with the ball delivers a chest pass to his partner.

2. After he delivers the pass, he cuts to the basket. As soon as the other offensive player catches the ball, the defender begins guarding him closely, trying to deny another pass.

3. If he can, the offensive player passes the ball to his cutting partner for a lay-up. If a passing lane isn’t available, the ball handler begins dribbling to his left or right until he can create an opening to pass the ball.

4. Have the ball handler use pass fakes and attack the feet of the defender (step around him) until he can pass the ball to his partner. From the point where the cutting player catches the return pass, he dribbles in for a lay-up.

Coaching pointers: You can run this drill on both sides of the basket and at each end of the court, as long as you alternate between groups at one end. This makes for very little standing-around time, because 12 kids can easily be involved in this drill at one time. Encourage defenders to attack the ball handlers and remain on the balls of their feet so they can make quick reactions and disrupt what the players are attempting to do.

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