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About Cordless Drills

About Cordless Drills
The most common uses for drills are in metalworking, woodworking, construction and the DIY projects. There are drills designed specifically for use in medicine, space exploration and even diamond mining. There are large drills and small drills and even an almost microscopic drill.

The earliest records of what we know, as a drill is the bow drill that date as far back as ancient Egypt. The drill press evolved from this ancient tool and is just as many centuries old. Man was inventive when it came to powering these devices. We went from manual human exertion to water wheels and windmills. it was the belt and pulley systems that made this possible. The invention of the electric motor in the 19th century made it possible to make these tools even easier to use and there was a race to get he first ones on the market.

The first electric drill is credited to Arthur Arnot and William Brain. They were said to have accomplished this marriage of electrical motor to drills in 1889 in the city of Melbourne in Australia. Then in 1895 inventor Wilhelm Fein unveiled the first fully portable and electric drill in Stuttgart, Germany. Black and Decker added the pistol handle and trigger like grip to his design in 1917. Back and Decker has been a household name ever since.

There has been a wide variety of these hand powered drills over the years starting with the bow drill, brace and bit, the gimlet, the egg-beater type drill and a push drill. There was also a drill designed for jewelers called the pin-chuck drill. It is still considered an electric drill since it still runs on electricity only that the current derives from a portable source.

Cordless drills come in as many variations as does the corded drills. There are even cordless right angle drills. Most owners of cordless drills have more than one battery so that while they are using one the other is recharging. This makes sense because it allows the flow of work to go on without interruption. The larger the holes the more drain on the battery. One of the latest improvements is the new rapid charge batteries that takes only about 10-15 minutes to go from zero to fully charged.

The earlier models used the interchangeable 7.2 voltage packs, the years have seen the voltage in these batteries increase significantly. It is now possible to get a pack that has a voltage up to 36. This allows for the increase in productivity needed on most job sites.

The problem of battery life has been the use of nickel-cadmium in the design. These batteries have a range of drawbacks that include limited shelf life and short-circuiting. The advent of the Lithium Ion batteries has seen a new day dawn for the cordless drill. Most of the major manufacturers of cordless drills now make the batteries from this material as well. The Lithium batteries are better for the environment than the ones made with nickel-cadmium but they do not do as well in colder temperatures, yet.

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